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Support Contracts

It is important that your computer systems are well supported, and it is for this reason that Verve Digital offer a range of support contracts for IT systems.

With the advent of new computer viruses, trojans and worms that spread via computer systems, it is vastly important that your computer systems are kept up to date. Without regular updates, PC's quickly become susceptible to becoming infected with these worms or viruses. An infection might not be noticed straight away

Verve Digital will keep all of your computer systems up to date, and help contain the threat of computer viruses or worms if they happen. We are very flexible with our hours, and will endeavour that any updating is done outside of business hours, when updating the systems is least likely to affect you. You will be kept up to date on any work which has been done on your systems.

We also offer support for the hardware side as well, and can diagnose and fix a wide range of hardware problems on the spot. If a solution is not available there and then, we can take the computer system off your hands, fix it, and bring it back to you, usually within 24 hours.

To discuss our range of IT support services, please contact a Verve representative. Our contact details are available on this page.