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IP Telephony

Communication is key to any business. And with Verve Digital, you can take advantage of the advances in IP Telephony.

With IP telephony, you can save money in deploying your communication solutions. IP telephones work in a similar way to normal telephones, however instead of connecting over the public phone network, they connect using the Internet.

Voice over IP is extremely flexible, and there are several combinations of ways to deploy the technology. An IP based PBX can be combined with a normal telephone PBX, so that your telephones are IP based internally, then connect to the normal phone network. This can commonly be much cheaper than deploying a standard PBX system, and can offer a range of extra features.

If your company has an existing connection to the Internet, this can be used to route telephone calls. Verve Digital has connections to suppliers that will act as the bridging point between the internet and the normal phone network, allowing you to make normal telephone calls.

IP telephony works extremely well when you require to connect two or more offices - with IP telephony, it is possible to connect calls between the two offices over your existing Internet links. This results in one fixed cost per location, rather than having to pay a fixed cost and then the cost of calls on top. Home or external workers can connect over the Internet to your VoIP PBX, meaning that they can be a part of your internal phone network, no matter where they are. Your staff can dial the same extension number, and that person's phone will ring, regardless of whether they are working from home, in the office, or on a mobile.

Verve Digital can also connect your VoIP solution to any number of existing systems - calls can be listed on your Intranet, with staff's call management and statistics linked to their intranet login. Call records can be automatically logged and kept, and statistics can be automatically generated in real time.

All of the usual PBX functions are available, and with Verve's expertise call functions can be created to your specification, all at a cost less than a normal PBX solution.

To discuss how Verve can help your business work smarter with IP telephony, please do not hesitate to contact us.